Star Led Curtain Light White In 2022

As we all know, light makes any special occasion, festival spectacular or beautiful. Star Led Curtain Light White is a great home decor, and they spice up any event.

Star Led Curtain Light White is excellent accent lighting, a gorgeous ambiance for homes, weddings, Christmas, nightclubs, and theatres. Also are especially appropriate for guesthouses, hotels, bars, parties, shopping malls, households, store windows, karaoke, fashion shows, dancing hall, platform, and other areas, and lots of other meaningful events. We need something dazzling to place on our window, our door, and even our bedroom to bring a pleasant moment through such a special day.

Star LED Curtain Light White comes in various sizes to include warm, incandescent glow, and also the plug & play kind curtain lights make it simple to set up with no hassle.

To help you make your purchase, as we have done an excellent review of these particular products online, Let’s jump into this.

Star Led Product

Today Star Led Curtain Light White is widely used in household and building decoration and other Special days.

The beautiful and creative Star Led Curtain Light White string light is trendy these years. Trending with a Classic style with a unique effect gives it distinctive characteristics.

Considering as dressing up the windows or wall to extend the appeal of your home and make it attractive to people, these window Star Led Curtain Light White lights are fast thanks to adding instant color, texture, and pattern to an area, thus changing the whole look and feel of it.

Star Curtain Light

Best Tree Decorative Star Led Curtain Light White is easy to use. Directly connect and unplug it for power on and off. The voltage features a 29-volt output and is advisable for your decorations.

All these Stars Led Curtain Light White Shape Design Collection features 138 LEDs and is obtainable during a star-shaped layout, which provides the Star Led Curtain Light White a unique appearance and textures. It’s simple to embellish your home or your garden to be a bit like a dreamland.

Specification and Details

  • Beautiful Star Led Curtain Light White with six big and six small stars.
  • This Star Led Curtain Light White is 1 button control, press the button you will select 8 different modes to satisfy your various needs. And it builds in chip save your last modes setting and no got to reset mode a day. 8 Mode configurations: mix, in waves, continuous, slow shine, chasing/flash, gradual fade. Twinkle/flash and stable on
  • 66.7ft3.3feet Star Led Curtain Light White series alongside 138 LEDs. 12 stars decorations (6 large and 6 little ), the large star decorations diameter is 0.67feet, which each set droops 3.3feet. 
  • Simple to use, right plugin and unplug it for power on and off. UL Certificated Output and cable: 29V Voltage Safe Star Led Curtain Light White with UL accredited results in 29V secure Output by UL plugin.
  • Made of 100% Copper Wire Material and never overheat regardless of how long you’ve got them on.
  • Eco-friendly , can use as curtain fairy lights decoration within the room.
  • Safe, power-saving, Also Eco-friendly. High-brightness chain mild, but not surprising. The waterproof amount is IP44. However, the controller and power are all non-waterproof. Please store them away out of water ideal for indoor and outdoor decorations: Christmas, Valentine Day , celebration, wedding, house, festival.

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  • Remote Control with 8 display patterns
  • Timer Function.
  •  Cool White LED


  • The control box & remote is not waterproof,
  • not suitable for outdoor


Question: Does it available in 5ft?

Answer – Yes.

Question: Does it work in Rain?

Answer – No Please avoid using it in Rain or water.

Question: Is any Warranty on it?

Answer – Yes.

Question: Is Product Returnable?

Answer – Yes.


The purpose of providing the Star Led Curtain Light White guide is to give you the best knowledge of buying these effective products and choosing and comparing them with one to another product for your best results. 

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