Should I buy a 4k monitor for video editing?

4k moitor for video

Should I buy a 4k monitor? This is the most common question that is frequently asked. These days everyone is talking about 4k monitors whether you are a gamer, graphics designer, content creator, or video editor. Now you can see that more and more Youtube videos are available in 4k resolution.

You should buy a 4k monitor for video editing. It offers a graphical experience that you cannot get on a 1080p monitor. This means you get higher image quality and details. Working on a 4k monitor is another level because you’re getting a bigger work surface and a bigger screen.

Is it worth to buy?

A big resolution jump was imminent, and when we say big, we mean a big four times bigger, to be exact. That’s why it is called 4k. It has about four times the amount of pixels on display. This also goes by Ultra HD and 2160p.

We’ve finally settled on reasonably priced, high-quality 4k monitors. But let’s still look at the various advantages and disadvantages that came with such an impressive technology.


Let’s the major advantage of a 4k video editing monitor.

Bigger screen

A big screen is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, 4k monitors can produce extremely sharp images on huge screens, and individual pixels will never be noticeable. The sweet place for these monitors is around 27 inches, and that’s not because the picture will be pixelated on a 32-inch monitor.

Not only are you getting a bigger screen and a much bigger work surface with 4k resolution. But the picture will be sharper than even a 24-inch full HD monitor.

Better in-game visuals

Some might say that 4k resolution is wasted on a monitor as small as 27 inches, but that’s absolutely wrong. 4k isn’t just about size. You also get an amazing sense of depth on a 4k monitor. Depth is on 3D but without any annoying side effects. Just imagine how many times you’ve left a 3D movie screening with a headache or feelings of nausea.

It’s future proof

Honestly, 4k resolution isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It is unlikely that display technology will improve significantly in a few years. So you don’t have to worry that a quality 4k video editing monitor will become obsolete now and will be cheaper by next year.

Sure, you might have heard that some companies are already rolling out 5k screens, but it’s true. These potentially higher resolutions will only be aimed at professionals.


Now let’s the disadvantage of a 4k video editing monitor.

Requires powerful hardware

The best graphics cards capable of handling longer projects in 4k are the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 and their Ti variants with the GTX 1070 Ti. It doesn’t mean that if you have a 4k monitor, you can do 4k video editing easily. Video editing in 4K requires powerful hardware. Of course, you can do 4k video editing by creating a proxy, but still, you need powerful hardware.


Of course, we cannot ignore the matter of price. We said that 4k monitors weren’t as expensive as they used to be and weren’t lying. But still very expensive, especially suitable for video editing or gaming.

You need not only 4k resolution but also need high refresh rates, low response time, and relevant technology like G Sync or Free Sync. In short, you shouldn’t expect to find a good 4k monitor for under $500 unless you nab one at a discount or have some way of getting it secondhand.

Best 4k monitor for video editing

Final Thoughts

4K monitors offer a graphical experience that you can’t get in 1080p. It’s definitely better than buying a 2k monitor. They’re actually not that cheap, but their color accuracy, image quality, and details are breathtaking.

I hope this article helps you find the answer. For any doubts, “contact us through the comments sections, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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