The Rolltop Laptop: What It Is & The Benefits

In the past, laptops have been bulky and difficult to carry around. They required a lot of space in a backpack or briefcase, not to mention that they were heavy. This made it difficult for people who did not have a desk to take their laptops with them.

The rolltop laptop solves this problem by being lightweight and portable while still having the same functionality as other laptops on the market today. And, the rolltop laptop will be able to adapt to whatever workspace you have.

What Is The Rolltop Laptop?

The design was proposed by Orkin Design. Rolltop laptop is the newest generation development concept of laptops which are built to adapt to any situation. Its unique flexible display allows it to roll up and close like a cover, making it more portable than other laptops on the market.

This portable laptop uses a flexible OLED display which can be used as a keyboard and display. The screen rolls up and closes like a cover to be compact, allowing it to fit in a bag or purse so it can be taken wherever you go.

Its screen size can easily be adjusted to the perfect size. For example, if you work at home on a desk, you can use it as a 17-inch flat-screen or monitor. But if you are working outside, you can quickly transform it into a 13-inch graphics tablet with a stylus pen for drawing, designing, etc. Its diameter is 8cm in carrying mode and 28cm in length, which is easily carried.

The core cylinder also includes a web camera with mic, speakers, earphone jack, and a USB port and holding belt, which can be used as an electric cable.

Benefits of the rolltop laptop

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry.
  • You can use it as a graphics tablet or a monitor.
  • No need to worry about space or weight.
  • You can watch movies and videos on the go, so you won’t have to be bored when waiting for an appointment or traveling.
  • You can efficiently work on the go, so you won’t have to be stuck at home when you need to get something done.
  • Carrying belt/electric cable integrated for carrying or power supply.

What do you think?

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