How much my Laptop is Worth at a Pawnshop? Complete Guide

laptop is worth at a pawnshop

Pawn Shops are a great place to find deals on laptops. A pawnshop will usually give you about half of the Laptop’s retail price. This is an excellent option if you need money quickly and don’t want to sell your Laptop online. You can sell it at a pawnshop for quick cash.

You might be able to get more money for your laptop if you sell it online, but having the money right away is nice too. Plus, there are plenty of horror stories out there about people selling their laptops online and never getting paid. Pawn Shops have been in business forever. It’s a safe place to sell old laptops.

This article will provide complete information about how much my laptop is worth at a pawnshop and some valuable tips to pawn your Laptop at a pawn shop.

Pawning vs. selling

First, you need to know that there’s a big difference between selling and pawning your Laptop. Pawning doesn’t mean you’re getting cash for it.

You’re borrowing money from the pawnshop in exchange for your item, which will be safely held at their location until you come back and pay them with interest. One of the cons of pawning is that if you don’t make your payments on time, the pawnshop legally keeps the item.

On the other hand, selling gives up full ownership of an item. The buyer can use it how they want, resell it, or destroy it without legal issues. If you sell something, the buyer has no obligation to give it back.

They could resell it if they want, but that’s up to them. You can’t sell something without making the buyer pay in cash because you don’t even own it anymore.

How Much Pawn Shops lend for a Laptop

How much pawn shops pay? This is a commonly asked question. It is based on the value of your Laptop, not on what it cost you, but its resale value as it is a used item. Almost all pawn shops give it a discount based on “how much they sell it used at that time.” 

This depends a lot on the type of Laptop, its components, and the year it was manufactured. Please keep this information because it will be essential for you to in the future. 

The year the Laptop was manufactured is not the same as the year you bought it; So the estimates are low for many people. It is unclear when the Laptop was purchased and how long it was used. Therefore, they count it from the date of its manufacture.

Almost always, they lend you about 50% to 60% of the laptop value.

Thinking it’s in good condition.

How do they calculate the value of a laptop in a pawn shop?

There is no rule, but they are based on what people sell on different platforms, let’s say it is the most approximate price they will have to calculate.

They almost always take the lowest price to do this, and usually, the price is tied to what will depreciate as long as it’s kept in the pawn without you taking it out. This is generally not much, but appraisers calculate it as amortization of what will be lost while the item is pawned.

It is like a car; if it is pawned and lasts for one year, it will have lost value because it is already a year older. The same thing happens with electronic items because many become obsolete as more passes time.

Best selling laptops

How Much My Laptop is Worth

To know how much your Laptop is worth, whether you’re selling or pawning, you’ll need to know some basic information about it. Follow these tips to find out your Laptop’s worth.

1. Using Ecommerce websites

Several eCommerce websites tell you how much your Laptop is worth. You can find out how much your Laptop is worth by simply typing in the brand and model number. eBay and Amazon are two of the websites you can use to find this information.

Follow these steps to find out how much your Laptop is worth on eBay

First, go to and type in what you want to search. In this case, I searched for “Laptop.” If you know the specifications of your Laptop, you can search to get better results. Then at the bottom left, you can find several filters. Select your Laptop’s brand.

select your brand

Scroll down and select ‘Used’ in the condition filter.

select used

Finally, select “Sold Items” in the “Show Only” filter.

select sold items

After selecting all the filters, you can find your Laptop. To see more information, click on Laptop. Now, you can see the price of the Laptop sold.

see laptop pricing

Follow these steps to find out how much your Laptop is worth on eBay

Go to Amazon and search for “Laptop.” You can find different filters on Amazon in the bottom left. Now select your brand in the “Featured Brands” filter.

select brand on amazon

Finally, select “Used” in the “Condition” filter. Now you can see the price of the Laptop. Click on it to see more information.

select used on amazon

2. Using the online calculator

Several online calculators can help you determine how much your Laptop is worth. You only need the information about the Laptop for this method to work, such as brand, RAM, processor, etc.

Put your laptop information on the online calculator, and you will get the price. You can check the price on Gadgetvalue, Cashforusedlaptop, Gadgetsalvation, and Sellmelaptop. You can also use the Pawnbat/pawn loan estimator to check the pawn value.

3. Local laptop retailers

You can find out how much your laptop is worth in the local market by checking several laptop retailers. Make sure you check all of them to have an idea about your laptop’s price in your area.

This will give you a good idea about how much your laptop is worth. On the other hand, online calculators are not always correct because costs vary widely depending on where you reside.

What are the factors which affects the price of a laptop

Several factors can affect your laptop’s worth.

  1. Brand: Well taken care of brands tend to be more valuable than refurnished ones when you sell them. The value difference is significant for top-tier brands like Apple and Asus versus Acer, HP, etc.
  2. Condition: The condition of the laptop matters when it comes to value. Make sure you clean it and check everything before you sell it.
  3. Specs: Different laptops have different hardware, so if your laptop has high-end specs, that might also affect its worth.
  4. Age: The newer the laptop, the higher the value. Of course, other factors like conditions can affect the value.
  5. Place: The price of laptops varies depending on location because costs differ from one place to another. If you’re planning to pawning your laptop after using it for a short period, you might want to check various locations.

How To Pawn or Sell Your Laptop (The Right Way)

Follow these tips to get the most out of your Laptop when you sell or pawn it.

1. Clean and check the condition

Make sure you clean your laptop perfectly before you sell it. This will help get a better price, so always take care of this step first before selling a laptop. Also, make sure everything is working properly on your laptop.

Don’t forget to check your laptop condition before selling. Otherwise, you might be missing the chance for a better deal on a laptop.

2. Fix any issues

If some laptop parts are not working properly, especially the battery or screen, fix them to work when you sell them. This will help you get a better price for your laptop from the buyer, so always fix any issues with your device before selling it.

3. Backup your laptop

Always make a backup of all your essential files before selling or pawning your laptop. This way, you can keep your data safe and don’t have to worry about losing it, and get a reasonable price for your laptop.

For Window

  1. Select Start button then Settings>Update & Security>Backup
  2. Click on Add a drive and choose an external drive or network location for backups.

For Mac

Go to System Preferences, and click on Time Machine. Click on Select Disk and choose your backup disk. Plugged in your external drive for backup, or you can use iCloud to back up your files.

4. Remove all personal data

Clean all your personal data from the laptop, such as photos, videos, or documents. You can keep some of them if you need them for your new laptop purchase, but make sure you clean everything before selling it.

It is especially vital to talk about data security when pawning a laptop. What’s the significance? People seek fast cash by pawning their belongings since this is the quickest method to get same-day money. It’s easy to overlook the issue of data security when there are quick transaction options accessible.

It’s remarkable how many laptops are pawned or sold with crucial data still on the hard drive. This might have significant consequences for you if you leave important data there.

5. Know your laptop specification

Know the specifications of your laptop to tell the buyer about them. This will help you sell your laptop at a better price, so always know all specs, including:

  1. The brand/manufacturer
  2. Model number or series
  3. Processor
  4. RAM
  5. Storage
  6. Screen Size
  7. GPU

To know your laptop specification, download CPU-Z. It is the easiest way to know your laptop’s specifications.

6. Ensure the pawnshop buys laptop

Some pawnshops only buy particular types of laptops, so make sure they purchase your HP laptop before you sell or pawn it. This will help get a better price for your laptop and save time and energy.


How much will I get for my Laptop at a pawnshop?

The amount you will get for your laptop at a pawn shop depends on many factors, including the specs, condition, and shop you visit. However, you can expect between $30-$950 for a used or old laptop on average.

Should I pawn or sell my Laptop?

It depends on your personal preference. Pawnshops are generally better if you’re in urgent need of cash today – sometimes, giving up all the money will even get you. On the other hand, selling your laptop means giving up full ownership of your laptop for cash.

How do pawn shops check laptops?

Most pawnshops will check the laptop to see if it works properly and has no damage. They will also check to see if the laptop has any personal data. If you have removed all personal data from the laptop, it will make the process easier for both you and the pawnshop.

Can I trade in my old laptop for a new one?

Yes, you can trade-in your old laptop for a new one. Many laptop companies offer a trade-in program to bring in your old laptop and receive a discount on purchasing a new one. Ensure to check with the company’s website or customer service department to find more information about their trade-in program.


So when it comes to pawning or selling your Laptop, you’ll need to consider the condition of its parts and make sure any issues are fixed. You should also back up all data on your device before considering a sale.

Go to as many pawnshops as possible near your home if you can visit pawnshops close to each other because they will compete on price and pay more for things.

Please don’t leave it in the first pawnshop; find out which one pays you more in your region; this will allow you to get a better deal.

The advantage isn’t what they pay you; it’s the interest. This is also a consideration when pawning; in the end, everything adds up.

I hope this article helps you better understand. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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