How To Fix The Headphone Jack On Android? Simple Ways To Fix It

fix the headphone jack

How to fix the headphone jack on android? If you’re having trouble with the headphone jack on your Android phone, several solutions exist to try to get it working again.

The headphone jack has been losing its presence in Android phones over time, starting with the high-end. Unfortunately, as with any component in the phone, there can be malfunctions.

Sometimes, the headphone jack in Android does not work, which prevents us from listening to music. If this has happened to you, there are many possible solutions to try.

How to fix the headphone jack on android

Now, let’s fix your headphone jack on android in these simple ways.

Try other headphones

In this case, what interests us is finding out if the fault lies in the headphone jack or the headphones themselves. 

Therefore, we can try to connect other headphones to the phone to see if these new ones work well and allow music playback normally or not. 

You can also try the headphones you initially used on another device to determine whether or not they were the problem.

These tests will have helped us know where this failure’s origin is. 

If the headphones are causing the problem, then the solution is very simple. 

We need to use different headphones on the phone. 

Conversely, if said fault arises from the headphone jack on Android, the solution may be more complex.

Is there dirt on the headphone jack? Oxidation?

It could be that dirt has gotten into the headphone jack. 

As it happens when the USB port doesn’t work on Android, there are times when some dirt gets stuck in the jack, which can cause us problems playing music. 

Try to check if there is any dirt or dust on it as this could be causing the problem.

You can use a cotton swab or blow it using a compressed air can to clean it.

A cotton ball dipped in alcohol can also help, but this method can be a bit more complicated. 

On the other hand, it could be that it is not dirt that we find in the plug but rust.

If there is rust on the plug, then we will have to go to the technical service, which will be in charge of repairing to replacing it, since we cannot do anything in this regard.

If the plug is rusted, we will have to go to the service center, who will be in charge of repair to replace it, as there is nothing we can do in this regard.

Software failure

It could be that the error lies with a specific application in which you are trying to use these headphones, such as the Spotify example. Or maybe it is a bug in the software of the phone.

If it’s a software bug, it’s not something physical about the headphone jack, so it’s something to watch out for.

Since if this happens only when we use it with a certain app, we can determine the fault.

Restarting the phone is the first thing that we can do in this case to see if this keeps happening even after restarting it.

Another option is to uninstall the application and reinstall it, or even go back to the previous version if this error started appearing after the update.

Check Volume

This is somewhat unusual but can happen, especially if you have put the phone on silent or without volume. 

Then, when you plug the headphones into the phone’s headphone jack, there is no sound. 

So, check that the phone has volume active, emits sounds, and is not silent with its quick settings. It’s as simple as it is effective if it happens on the phone.

Use Bluetooth headphones

use bluetooth headphone

If nothing has worked, we can always use Bluetooth headphones with our Android phones. 

In any case, we will not depend on the headphone jack, thus enjoying our favorite music without worry, simply using the phone’s Bluetooth connection. 

The selection is wide, with many brands renewing theirs, such as Bose, Sony, Beats, etc.

Any of these easy fixes can help you fix your headphone jack.

You can use a few methods to fix your headphone jack, but none of them will be permanent.

You can clean the headphone jack with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or put some compressed air into the hole and blow it out. You should also restart your phone and see if that works.

If this doesn’t work, try disconnecting and reconnecting the headphones to see if that fixes it. 

If not, check for damages on either end of the audio jack and repair them as needed; if there are no visible damages (or none that you can easily fix), try using another pair of headphones or earbuds. 

Just make sure they have an identical connector shape as those currently being used (and remember: not all jacks are created equally).


There are plenty of ways to fix your headphone jack. 

Whether or not you try one of these techniques, the most important thing is that you don’t give up. 

The next time your phone stops working, it could be because one of these tricks fixed it. 

If nothing else works, then maybe it’s time for a new phone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other options. 

Thanks again for reading our blog post on how to fix an Android headphone jack!

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