Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock In 2022

DIY Large Wall Clock For Home

Humans measure time for millennia in various ways; some include tracking the sun’s movements with sundials, the utilization of water clocks, candle clocks, and hourglasses. And Today, Everyone knows what a Clock is? And Do you know the Best Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock?

A fashion and artistic Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock will make your front room more personalized and unique. We ensure every component of this clock is in its perfect state. It’s DIY Large Frameless Wall Clock For Home Decore and the best gift for your families, colleagues, and friends! This Amazing numeral creative wall clock will make your home a special one!

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What is Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock (Specification And Details)

DIY Large Wall Clock For Home

Diy Large Frameless clock is an implicit attribute to each environment. Their contribution to the importance of a neighborhood in terms of theme addition and resonance within the purpose of an equivalent is notable.

Every Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock is designed to generate a feeling of completeness and counter the insignificance of the intention of the respective locality.

Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock is given a very significant stance in the face of home decoration in recent times. There have been several occasions where Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock replaces a showpiece.

One should be assertive while choosing their Diy Large Frameless clock because it represents their independent style. The entire idea of selecting a Diy Large Frameless clock carefully depends on your passion and residential décor systems, and the locality activities.

Heavyweight Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock is not at all recommended for loose walls, as it may cause the Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock to fall and get damaged or broken without warning.

The choice of Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock is quite manageable. Hence, it is a must that you decide upon a wall piece as per your addendums and style.

Every Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock has equal importance that needs to be accredited by choosing the right Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock. Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock tends to be like an ornament for a wall. Therefore the right choice in this regard is quite imperative.

Specification And Details

  • This type of Wall Clock is made of Aluminum Pointer + Mirror Acrylic + 3D Numerical + EVA foam stickers.
  • Self-adhesive, water & steam resistant, high-density, Super long clock pointer.
  • Using compact and portable high-quality alloy material to form sure stability and accuracy.
  • Long-term use without deformation, high-quality copper sleeve, ensure that clock needles long-term stability and accuracy are made of aluminum.
  • Utilization: For crafts and gifts,company gifts,holiday gifts,advertising gifts,house decoration.
  • Suitable place: Front Room, Living room, kids bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, bathroom, outdoor.

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DIY Large Wall Clock For Home

Important Instructions for installation

★ Take a Point on the wall.

★ Hang the clock plate on the hook / Remove the Double-sided Tape And stick the base on the wall.

★ Hang the paper scale on the clock plate.

★ Use the included ruler to mark the number position on the wall.

★ Peel off the paper from the back of the shiny acrylic number, then place the number on the black EVA number.

★ Peel off the paper on the back of the black EVA. Fit with the corresponding position.

★ Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all numbers are in their corresponding position.

★ Place the hour hand into the clock plate in the 12 o’clock position. Attach the minute hand in the same position.

★ Tighten the nuts.

★ Install an AA carbon battery, set it to the correct time, and hang it back on the hook. The wall clock is now complete and Ready.

DIY Large Wall Clock For Home

Important Notes

  • Carbon batteries required for operation.
  • Please do not use too much power battery, or the movement will be broken.
  • When placing the minute hand and the hour hand into the centrepiece, align them towards 12 o’clock
  • Don’t tune the time (Needle)using your hands, it might impair the clock mechanism. There are control buttons on the rear of the centerpiece, please use them.


Question– What is the negativity if a Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock is broken?

Answer– There are two things if the Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock is broken.

  1. The clock needs to go to the repair shop – and it can be easily fixed.
  2. Its too old and dead, needs to be replaced with a new one. (unless you have an antique clock you don’t want to let go)

Question – What is the standard height for a Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock?

Answer– It all depends on the room’s height and wall – everything is relative. However, if it is functional, Fix it centered at your eye level and wall.


The purpose of providing the Diy Large Frameless Wall Clock for Home guide is to give you the best knowledge of buying these effective products and choosing and comparing with one to another product for your best results.

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