Can I use body lotion on my face? – What You Need To Know

body lotion on my face

You have wondered if it is worth investing in different creams for your body. There are various creams for the face, hands, body, and even some special ones for the driest areas, such as the feet. 

This large number of products makes us question the need to use them all or if it does not affect using one for all areas of our body. 

Is there really a difference between them? Can I use the body lotion on my face and body at the same time? We explain this and more in today’s article!

The cream we use for the body is called the body and can be for dry, oily, or combination skin. But for the face, we can choose between nourishing, moisturizing, anti-aging, and rejuvenating for dry or oily skin. It is not very advisable to use the same cream for everything. 

Each part of your body is different

First, we must understand that each skin area has different needs and qualities; therefore, each requires special care. 

If we look at the skin of the face, we will notice that it is the most exposed to damage from the sun’s rays, so it is common for it to present pigmentation problems or signs of dryness. 

This does not commonly happen with the rest of the body since it is less exposed to sun damage due to spending most of the time much more covered. 

Even within the same area of the face, there are more delicate and thin surfaces, such as the area around the eyes, the lips, and even the skin of the neck.

What are the differences between body lotion and face creams?

Each product has a different focus and composition, depending on the skin’s needs.

Face Cream

  • Its consistency is lighter.
  • Contain active ingredients or antioxidants.
  • They include protective elements (such as sunscreen).
  • They may have components for specific skin conditions such as hydration, depigment, reducing wrinkles, or skin regeneration.

Body Lotion

  • They are of dense consistency.
  • They usually include glycerin or mineral oils, which cause this more greasy finish.
  • They contain ingredients whose function is to reaffirm the skin, reduce cellulite or deeply hydrate it.
  • May include fragrances.

­Can I use body lotion on my face?

Although the temptation to use the body lotion on your face may be high, we must suggest that you do not. 

Why? Body lotion usually has much thicker and oilier formulas, so they work well on parts of the body where the skin is thicker and there are fewer sebaceous glands. 

The skin on your body needs denser lotions. However, unlike body skin, the face has more sebaceous glands, so these creams can act as blockers for them, causing pimples to appear. 

Products that cause this type of reaction in the skin are comedogenic since they tend to facilitate the appearance of comedones or blackheads.

Symptoms of applying a body lotion to the face

symptoms of applying a body lotion on my face

Once the specifications of each skin type are detailed, we focus on the key question: what are the risks of applying the body lotion on the face?

  1. The appearance of cosmetic acne results from malabsorption of the ingredients and difficulty of the skin to breathe before the obstruction of the pores. A possible adverse effect is the appearance of microcrystals due to sebum accumulated in the pore called milium.
  2. Increased opacity of the skin. Their lucidity and radiance will be reduced.
  3. Lack of hydration, compared to the proper application of the cream on the corresponding part of the skin.
  4. It can cause an excess of lipids and an absence of antioxidants due to the particular demands of each skin type.

What can cause the incorrect use of creams on my skin?

  • Dull skin: Using body lotion will make your skin a duller tone since you are not nourishing it with antioxidant components or enough hydration.
  • The appearance of acne: As we mentioned in the previous point, body lotion on the face can clog the pores by obstructing the sebaceous glands. This can cause the appearance of small pimples.
  • Little nutrition: If, on the other hand, you use face cream on your skin, you will notice that your skin does not receive enough hydration, even coming to have a more flaky and dry appearance.

You know! Investing in different products for each skin area will give you greater health and appearance, but you will be nourishing your dermis in the right way.

Action Plan

A good cosmetic product must ensure the pH balance, or if it has become unbalanced, it can be restored until the status quo is reached. 

It should also replenish lipids, protect the skin from aging, moisturize and regenerate.

Therefore, it is essential to know ourselves, what type of skin we have, and based on this, choose a specific cream that satisfies the care required by our skin. 

And all this without forgetting a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, regular hydration, and physical exercise.

How to take care of the skin of the face

how to take care of the skin of the face

We have that in a hurry we can use the body lotion for the face. But the most successful thing is to have a specific one for the skin of the face, which has the properties that each one needs. 

To have a careful, healthy, and beautiful face, you must be constant and follow these tips:

Choosing the right cream

It is about choosing the right cream to the needs of each one, using it every day, and applying it well. 

It is not buying the most expensive on the market but using it daily and doing it well. 

Remove makeup, cleanse the skin, do your daily beauty routine, and apply the facial cream carefully. 

The best way to apply cream, temper the cream in the palm of your hands and make a gentle massage starting from the chin, avoiding the area around the eyes. 

Here, if necessary, you should put on another specific cream for the perfect care of the area. 

If you are going to put on makeup, you better wait a few seconds for the cream to act and make up as you always do.

Do I have to put the moisturizer on day and night? 

Yes, of course. It is essential to ensure that the skin’s hydration is adequate, especially when it comes to skin that has reached maturity or tends to be dry or very dry. If you choose a day facial cream that protects you from the sun and other external factors and night cream that helps regenerate skin cells, better than better.

Should I use cream or lotion on my face?

Creams and lotions are both great for your skin and can be used in different ways. Creams are usually thicker and contain more emollient ingredients. These include oils, waxes, and butter. Creams help lock in moisture in the skin, so they’re perfect for dry skin, while the lotion is for oily skin.


If you want to use body lotion on your face, many products blend the right ingredients for facial care. 

There is a difference between what works for your body and your face. 

Even if you find an inexpensive cream at the drugstore, it’s still unlikely to work well on your face because the formulas are designed differently.

Now you know why you should have a facial cream and a body lotion according to your needs, especially to your specific skin type characteristics. As a result, healthy, beautiful, and perfectly hydrated skin.

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